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Customs service

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Handling your corporate & governmental customs service, Honolulu, HI

M. Bowers & Co. in Honolulu, HIis a licensed customs servicebrokerage firm proudly guiding you through the US customs process for more than 20 years. We specialize in a range of services for personal and governmental customs to ensure a speedy release of your cargo. Whatever you're shipping or picking up for your business or government agency, we are here for you. Contact us today for your initial consultation.

Choose your customs service

At M. Bowers, Honolulu, HI, we are on your side from beginning to end, taking care of your personal and governmental customs needs for your convenience. We offer a wide variety of services to better care for you, such as:

   • Assistance with US customs import requirements 
   • Assistance in clearance of other US government agencies 
              US Department of Agriculture, Food & Drug Administration, US                                       Fish & Wildlife 
   • Assistance in foreign trade zone entries 
   • Cargo insurance to cover shipment from loss while in transit to your                                warehouse 
   • Customs service free initial consultations 
   • Transmission of customs entry information electronically via automated                      broker interface 
   • Quickest release of cargo from customs

    Our qualifications

    We have a National Permit and are qualified to do Remote Location Filing at any port in the US. If you have a shipment arriving in Los Angeles, New York or any other US port, we can handle the Customs clearance in Honolulu. We can also help with delivery to your receiver. 

    We are qualified to do in-bond movements via ocean freight in a paperless environment. 

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